Fingerprint Analysis in Brazil: A Bibliometric Review 2010-2019


  • Marco Antonio de Souza Polícia Federal, Instituto Nacional de Identificação, Brasília, DF, Brasil
  • José Carneiro da Cunha Oliveira Neto Universidade de Brasília, Departamento de Administração, Brasília, DF, Brasil



Papilloscopy, Ridgeology, Fingermark, Latent fingerprint, Brazil


The last 10 years of Brazilian scientific production on fingerprint analyses are reported at this work. Thus, using the Web of Science platform search tool, the works with at least one author with Brazilian affiliation were brought from their databases. The following keywords were used in the search by topic: papiloscopia, ridgeology, fingermark or latent fingerprint. The articles were separated by areas and the evolution of research related to fingerprint analysis in Brazil were analyzed, as the perspectives for this issue in the country. The evolution of the world's publications was then compared with the Brazilian publications, considering evolution, type, financing and research issues.


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