Importance of Ultra-pure Water for Sample Collection in Vitriolage Cases - Forensic Concern for Corrosives Examination


  • Pallavi Choudhary
  • Kanak Lata Verma
  • Rohan Verma
  • Rachna Chandela



Vitriolage, Forensic, Exhibits, Ion-chromatography, Ultra-pure water, Police


itriolage, a heinous crime committed with intention to disfigure a person has come into view as an extremely brutal gender-based crime especially against young women in India and also another part of world mainly in South Asia over the past few years. India is facing an alarming situation of crime against women such as rape, domestic violence, dowry deaths etc. In recent year’s cases of vitriolage are on the rise in India. By understanding the gravity of crime, section 326A and 326B was incorporated in the prevailing Indian Penal Code and came into effect from 3 February 2013. Forensic Science Laboratory, Delhi receives a number of cases pertaining to acid attacks every year. We present here five such cases which were received for forensic examination. The exhibits were analyzed using Ion Chromatography apart from classical tests in order to strengthen the forensic reports and play vital role in conviction of the accused. This paper encompasses the necessity and importance of controlled samples treated with the quality of water used in analysis, importance of packing of exhibits and role of investigating agencies/police in collection of exhibits, which play crucial role in proving the sanctity of the forensic examination.


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