Recovery of Human Skeletal Remains – Various Issues During Medico-Legal Investigation


  • Karthik Krishna
  • Adarsh Kumar
  • DN Bhardwaj
  • Raghvendra Kumar Vidua
  • Shalini Girdhar



Skeletal Remains, Medico-legal autopsy, Forensic anthropology, Careless disposal


The examination of skeletal remains is primarily a domain of forensic anthropology. In India since there is no such fully developed specialized branch, the cases are mainly dealt by forensic medicine experts and sometimes even anatomists. Whenever there is recovery of any human skeletal remains, not only it creates a lot of speculations from the general public but also attracts a lot of media attention. Besides, it poses a great deal of difficulty during medico-legal investigation when these are subjected to autopsy since police invariably is not in a position to provide the various background information about the case. However a meticulous autopsy and careful interpretation of findings although minimum in nature; is of extreme help in providing the important clues; which sets the investigation on the right track. The paper discusses various medico-legal issues with the help of three cases which were brought for medico-legal autopsy to mortuary, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. One was primarily a case of careless disposal of bundle of bones, other suspected homicide and third although was of natural death but time since death was questionable.




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Karthik Krishna, Adarsh Kumar, DN Bhardwaj, Raghvendra Kumar Vidua, & Shalini Girdhar. (2013). Recovery of Human Skeletal Remains – Various Issues During Medico-Legal Investigation. Brazilian Journal of Forensic Sciences, Medical Law and Bioethics, 2(2), 113–122.



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